The Inbetween

When I was working on Mark of the Fallen,  I was looking for a way to connect Celeste’s story to The First to Fall, to solidify the fact that there was always a link between Eli and the Doc long before they ever met.  What I came up with was a short epilogue that I ended up cutting in the final edit, but I still feel like its an important little piece to the story. So, rather than just discard it, I decided to post it.   This happens  after the events of Mark of the Fallen, but immediately before The First to Fall.  Enjoy !

New Orleans- Ten Years later

 The dreams were coming more frequently now, almost nightly reminding her that he was out there somewhere, waiting.  She stood on a platform, her  face covered with something dark and gauzy, giving the world around her a sepia feel, the edges blurring before fading into nothing. She was begin led by an unseen  yet gentle hand,  across a cool marble floor.  Bells chimed at her ankles with each step, her  feet cold and bare.  She looked down but only caught glimpses of  metal and chiffon against her skin. She could hear her breath coming in harsh pants against the  mask that shield her face. She looked up to see a large gilded door that  swung open as she  moved closer.
     She stood on the threshold, peering into the richly decorated room.  It reminded her of the perfumed and pillowed suite that held the harem of the King.  Her heart beat quickened as she was shoved forward, the door slamming closed behind her. She spun in a circle, looking for her host, her heart jackhammering against her ribs.  With the door closed, the smell of heavy perfume  was cloying. Candles burned picking up the flecks of gold from the embroidery on the deep red pillows and blankets piled on the floor.  The room was warm, the floors covered with thick furs that felt luxuriant  beneath her bare feet.  She wrapped her arms around her bare belly, feeling the metal circles that decorated her hips an breasts.

     She had been dressed as one of the dancers, her sheer pants slit from ankle to thigh on each leg, belled anklets clasped at the bottoms.  She felt the mask being tugged and suddenly the haze of the mask was removed and the colors came to life. Deep reds, golds and bronze cast an autumnal and expensive glow across the room, the fur on the floor was dark mink, and her clothing was next to nothing. She looked down at herself, her thick hair hanging over her shoulder in a thick bejewel braid that hung  to her waist.

His voice came from somewhere behind one of the many curtains draped from the ceiling. Her breath caught as one of the rich satin curtains moved back, exposing a figure in the shadows laying in the center of a circular bed. She took a step forward, pulled by some unseen force, closer to the shadowy figure.

He sat up, the covers pooling like blood in his lap, his eyes that familiar neon blue.  She stepped closer and saw that his skin was no longer onyx  black. It was  deep chocolate brown and his chest was bare exposing  a taut muscled frame.  She took another cautious step, pushing the curtains back so she could get a good look at him, and gasped.
He sat up straighter, staring at her heart shaped face. She was by far more beautiful than he had imagined her in those dark dreams.  Her eyes were so expressive, so vivid and familiar.  Her skin glowed like sun kissed honey in the candle light and she smelled of vanilla and lavender.  She pushed the curtains back and he stared openly at the curve of her full breasts that heaved in the  barely there jeweled  bra, the pants were sheer and he could see miles of toned, shapely legs.
 She   put a knee on the bed and slowly, deliciously crawled towards him, her  full, luscious bottom lip captured by even white teeth. It was  by far the sexiest thing about her so far.  She moved closer, her body so close he could touch her, yet he remain frozen. But his body heated and he became hard under her unrelenting gaze.  She  place one soft hand on his chest, pushing him back against the pillows as she straddled him, her heat and warmth  searing him through the layers of  silk that separated them.
          “I am waiting for you, Eli,” She said with a voice that was surprisingly husky. She spoke in a dead language, something older than man, yet he understood her perfectly. She traced the birthmark on his chest with her finger, the raised symbol that he had yet to understand.  Around her neck, she wore the same symbol emblazoned in  platinum on a delicate silver chain.

      “I am waiting. Come find me.” She whispered , her mouth capturing his in a blazing kiss that made his body explode from the sheer want.

He sat up with a start, his body hot and wet, his sheets sticking to his hips.  He pulled the covers back and looked at his naked body and groaned. Not again.
This had been happening more and more frequently over the last few weeks and frankly he was sick of it.  Sure he enjoyed the dreams of the gorgeous stranger, but this, this was down right embarrassing.

“Elijah Cain, you are entirely to old to be having wet dreams.” He mumbled before throwing his legs over the side of the bed and padding naked to the shower.
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