Mark of the Fallen, Now Available

In love with one man, but claimed by another. Get the sexy and exciting prequel to The First to Fall.   



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Coming August 30, 2016

Mark of The Fallen, A Fallen Novel

“Karim,” she panted, not really knowing what to do or say. 

He held her face, his thumb stroking her bottom lip. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, collecting himself before he was able to speak. 

“You have no idea how much I want you.  I’ve always wanted you.  Whenever I close my eyes I see your face, I smell your scent. I see you and all I want to do is bury myself inside of you. I wake up, my body on fire, aching to be inside of you. I remember everything about you: your voice, your laugh, your taste stays on my tongue, and the feel of your skin is burned into my memory. There is an ache in my chest whenever I see you and it kills me, rips my fucking heart apart knowing that my stupid, selfish childish actions caused  you so much pain. I know that I’ll never be good enough for you. But when I’m near you, hell when I smell you I just… shit, I want you so much I can’t fucking breathe. Do you know how much it hurts to be so close to you and not be allowed to fucking have you? It’s torture. Being around you …it’s fucking torture. “

 ” Just… stop talking. ” She whispered before pressing herself against him, her mouth moving over his, her hands sinking into his hair.