How Old Is Old Enough??

I’ve been wondering lately, how old is old enough. Okay, let me start at the beginning…

I have a thirteen year old daughter and no…she is not asking about sex or anything like that. As a matter of fact, she finds the entire topic inappropriate and should never be brought up unless she brings it up and it should only be spoken of euphemistically.  (She would probably be pissed to know I ‘m writing this, but since she doesn’t read my site, I won’t worry about it.)  She’s very Victorian in her morals   I mean she covers her eyes just in case someone kisses and has run from the room more than once when a boob made an appearance on a TV show or movies we were watching, (But she did find Magic Mike interesting as she lingered in a hallway to see some “things”)and I have no idea where that comes from because I am as open and honest with her as I can be.

And I think I just answered my own question.

Anyway, the issue that I’m having is how old is old enough to let her read my books.  She has read some of my short stories and I even attempted to write a novel just for her but it didn’t turn out as I expected.  I will probably revisit it in the future, but not now.

I began reading romance novels in at about her age, but they were all very pure, all of the heroines were virgins and the men gentle and sweet princes…I don’t write that.  I write true relationships and things aren’t always pretty.  Heroines aren’t virginal women waiting for her savior, the heroes  aren’t always noble and heroic…so do I allow her to read my writing or let her stay as she is, even though she persists on asking to read my books?

My problem now is wondering if she’s old enough to read my current novels. They are romances but they are full of sex and violence and I don’t want to warp her delicate sensibilities.  On the other hand, I don’t want her to be a prude forever.  I also don’t want her to read what I’ve written and get ideas like maybe her mom is a sex maniac of former porn star.

Along that same vein I think it’s why my mother has yet to finish reading my first novel, which she’s had for three years now.  She just can’t seem to separate me and the story even though she knows perfectly well I am nothing like the characters. Sometimes I think she thinks, I’m not old enough to write what I write because I’m her little girl and always will be.

As I look at a text message from her, informing me that she is going to a friend’s house, and yes she has her key and yes, she has taken out the trash…and smiles Mommy, smiles… I think I want her to stay just as she is for as long as she can be.


Mini Me at 6 years old.


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