UPDATE!!!Calling all Writers!!Fractured Fairytales

Every year I do some sort of “challenge” and allow guest authors to post a short story that follows a certain theme.  This year I want to host writers who’ve created their version of a fairy tale. It can anything from classic fairy tales  to folklore to urban legends, but must have a slight twist to it.  Those of you familiar with my writing know I live for twists and turns and the unexpected.  Your story can be a wild (or mild) as you decide, between 1,000 – 10,000 words. If it adult themed, please let me know so that a disclaimer can be posted.  Other than that, I’m open to most anything  as long as it doesn’t promote hate, violence or abuse.

The deadline for submissions is May 29th. Each story will be posted for a week and a half beginning June 1st.

Thanks  and Happy Writing!!!





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