Excerpt from Breeder…My newest work in progress




When the world ended, it was not as expected. It did not begin with an explosion of fire and ash, that would come later. It began with the sickness. A simple illness that began in a tiny village in a remote country that had not seen or known anything of the civilized world. It had been there, a missionary doctor and his team had gone to deliver the science of medicine and a god that had not known to people who had survived centuries without either. They had lived and prospered in a world of their own making and they had been content until the interlopers had arrived.

The missionary, whose name would be forever brazen the the annals of history, was Reverend Doctor Jonathan Emmanuel Weston, the man who brought death to the world. When the symptoms began, he thought it was simply exhausted and a travel worn immune system. When he returned from the small village in the far reaches of South East Asian, he had prescribed himself rest. By the time the fever began, six of his team of ten had already died. When the legions developed, there were two left and when his respiratory system failed, there were fifteen thousand cases world wide. By the time Dr Weston succumbed to the illness, fifteen million had contracted the disease.

By the end, nearly half of the world’s population had fallen, one in five people had contracted what had become the Weston’s White Death. There was no cure, and panic ensured when medical supplies and food became scare in certain parts of the world.

That was when the wars began and more lives were lost. The bombs leveled cities, killing more people in one day than the white death had in the six weeks it had been in existence. When the wars were done, when there were no more cities to destroy or soldiers to march, the world turned on itself.

It was as if the earth rebelled against those left and wanted to rid itself of the plague that had assaulted it for years. It purged itself with volcanoes that burned a path across the north west coast of the U.S. , Japan and Hawaii. The earth shook destroying most of Southern California and what was left of any island in the south pacific. Yet, the worse was still to come. With the melting of the ice caps came the total annihilation of the eastern seaboard, most of Florida and the Gulf coast, while San Francisco became a cluster of islands. South America became nothing more than inlets to the Atlantic, most of central America washed away, as did The Netherlands, London,Denmark and Venice. Though Africa maintained most of its land, the heat made it uninhabitable and most perished from the unbearable, unrelenting heat. Asia did not fair much better, losing millions to the rising waters, while Australia’s already decimated population were forced to the harsh inlands when the floods washed away their coasts. As it had done millions of years before, the world changed so that it became alien to those who managed to survive.

Those that did survived huddle in clusters wondering how to rebuild the world that once was by looking for salvation in the ancient ways,Others tried with science. But there were more than a few who became lost in the world that they no longer recognized or trusted, those became marauders. Those poor lost people who returned the the ways of the savages and took what they wanted, food, clothing even people. So most went underground, either to the east and the safety of the mountains that protected them from the marauders raids.Some went to the domed city in the west, none stayed in the fallen cities or open plains, the forbidden zones that would surely bring death.




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