Excerpt from – Untitled

This is an excerpt from my current Untitled novel.  Enjoy!!!

“Lilith, I hadn’t expected you so soon.” The woman breezed into the room, her distinctive hair hanging to her shoulder in loose waves. Her hair was snowy white, from the roots, but slowly faded to a almost black on the ends. It was even more striking against her usual uniform of all white clothing, it had become her signature. Today it was a pencil skirt, crisp button front shirt and blazer all tailored to fit her curvy frame to perfection. Her shoes were Manolo’s with jewel encrusted ankle straps , her make up non-existent, and not needed. She looked at Lilith with sharp pale blue eyes while crossing the room with a slow easy stride. She carried her self with an air of superiority and power. Smart and ruthless, she could also be benevolent and gracious, and in some cases , even seductive when it suited her needs.

Behind her stood a male, quiet and contemplative , but very alert. He did not speak, only stood, waiting, watching with shrewd intelligence. He was Asian with intense violet eyes and thick dark hair, and also dressed impeccably. One of her guards, Lilith supposed, or a new bedmate for the queen. She was known to have two or three at a time, but he must be a favorite. This one was different from the mates she usually chose, he was slight of frame, and not a muscular dolt that she usually favored. He wasn’t in a suit at all, instead he wore white slacks and a blue and white pinstriped shirt opened at the collar. He watched Lilith suspiciously, his face expressionless. He was giving Lilith the creeps.

“I’m honored that you would meet with me, my queen.” She bowed low, her eyes on the intricate Persian rug. The queen snorted , sitting in a high backed chair. She crossed her legs at the ankle, then snapped her fingers . The male who’d hung at the entrance moved to a bar at her back and began to pour a drink. He moved with a speed and elegance that was unnerving, his eyes never leaving Lilith as he worked and she got the distinct impression that she somehow knew him. Only, she could not place him, but there was something very familiar about the quiet man.

“Cut the shit, Lilith. Why did you return so quickly? Did they kick you out?” Lilith reclaimed her seat , smiling as she did. The male, yes male, not a human man, but something else she couldn’t place, handed Lilith a drink, before turning to the queen. She took what was offered, her eyes never leaving Lilith as she did. It was as it always was, the male was just another prop, an accessory that made her feel more desirable.

“No, they found me quite charming. I do have charms, you know.”

“ As limited as they are. “ She agreed, “ So, did the great and powerful Arbor Kent deem you worthy? I guess not, you wouldn’t be back so quickly if she had.” The queen smiled an evilly wicked smile that made her pretty face look like a sinister mask.

“Actually, I never got that far in the process. It seems the Commander of the Grey took offense to the other prospect, knocked him right on his ass.”

“The Commander of the Grey?” The queen lifted on perfectly arched white brow, before sipping her drink, trying her best to remain calm.

“ It was a vampire of all things. A Persian named …Karim.” Lilith sipped her drink, slowly, deliberately letting her words to hang in the air.

“Karim?” The queen repeated, she was easing forward in her chair, her fingers gripping the glass her hand until her knuckles turned bright red. Lilith took great pleasure in making the female squirm in her seat. She sat back, absently running her finger around the rim of her glass, her white eyes dancing with excitement.

“Did you see her? Was she there?” The queen’s voice was tight, almost a whisper as she forced the words out. “Did you speak to her?” She asked, her emotions playing across her face as she tried to reign in her emotions.

“I didn’t get a chance to speak with her, but I saw her. “

“And?” She was practically jumping out of her skin. Lilith had never seen the queen like this before and in all honesty it was making her a little nervous. She heard the crackle of the glass the woman held, as it began to splinter in her hand. Tiny droplets of dark ruby blood dripped down her hand marring the sterile furnishing and puddling on the toe of her immaculate shoes. She paid no notice, her face tightening as she listened.

“She is just as the legend says, she’s… more. She is fierce and beautiful and ….” The glass exploded and blood splattered on the queen’s immaculate clothing,shards of glass buried in her palm. The male moved forward, a towel in his hand ready to aide his Queen only to be waved away.

“The Mark? Does she bare the mark of the fallen one?” She barked and Lilith swallowed.

“I don’t know…I didn’t see it. Everything happened so quickly…I..” In a blink, the queen was across the room, grasping Lilith’s face with blood soaked fingers, one knee pressing into the center of her chest. She could feel fingernails and glass cutting into her cheeks, her breath coming in labored gasps. Lilith’s own glass tumbled to the floor, spilling clear liquid and ice across the thick Persian rug. The male made an audible noise but offered no assistance, he just watched with a sort of morbid curiosity. The queen’s face was so close to Lilith’s that their noses touched, her fingers cutting into her.

“You find out! You go back, you get close, you do whatever you must to find out if she truly has the Mark! She is useless to me without it! You do whatever you have to and do not return until you can verify that she has the mark.” She growled, spittle sprinkling Lilith’s face with each word. The queen stared into Lilith’s pallid eyes, her own eyes narrowed with intensity. She  must have seen what she needed, because she released Lilith, quickly regaining her composure, leaving the demoness shivering in shock.

The queen straightened her jacket , leaving a bloody finger prints on the already splattered hem . She ran a hand over her hair , leaving an equally macabre streak of garnet. She glanced at Lilith once more, her scarlet speckled face serene and lovely once again.

“You find out, or you don’t return.” She said as she exited the room, the male hot on her heels. Lilith didn’t dare move or as much as breath until the sound of the queen’s heels on the marble floors fade into the distance.


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