Guest Post by Best Selling Author- M.V. Freeman

10 Favorite T.V. Shows; past and present.

As a writer I use books, movies and television shows to inspire me. I’ve talked about movies I’ve seen, books I’ve read; but what about T.V. shows—and why do they inspire me? They are not listed in any particular order.
Fire Fly: Best Show Ever. Written by Joss Whedon a sci-fi space opera. There was humor, fear, and awesome characters. EVERY single character I adored. And it was cancelled. Sigh. Biggest mistake ever (I keep hoping it will come back). I bought the series-and I watch it when I need a great story, dialogue—and fun.
Grimm: I came to this show late—but it deals with a man who can see the creatures that live among us; it’s a take on the “Brother’s Grimm Fairy Tales”. The secondary characters are amazing and I just can’t stop watching it.
Castle: Do you know why I started watching this? Because of Nathan Fillion, who starred in Fire Fly (He played Capt. Mal); and in this show he plays a writer who works with the police (follows them) and annoys a female detective–Beckett. A clever, fun show (and scary!) but I still watch it for Nathan.
Constantine: Another spin-off from a comic. This is about a man searching for redemption by fighting evil. It’s sharp, clever, scary—. The actor Matt Ryan has an exquisite accent; and plays the cynical, sarcastic Constantine with flair. (I also thought it was cancelled—I believe they may be moving to a new TV network.)
Dracula: Jonathon Rhys Meyer stars as Dracula—He played a vicious, charming, and sexy Vampire. It had a strange premise; he plays an “American” in England in the 1800’s, (I thought it very steam-punkish) Of course it’s CANCELLED. Ug. Why do I try? *Yes I did get Season on DVD*
Almost Human: This was a Sci-Fi show, starring the awesome Karl Urban as a police officer forced to take on a “robot” or artificial intelligence played by Micheal Ealy. I loved the world building, the characters and dialogue. Sadly this too was Cancelled.
Teen Wolf: Again, I found this late. I am addicted. It’s about shape shifters, Banshees, teens who fight evil; and fail school. And some of the best looking guys ever—(again I’m shallow). But—the character development is delightful. I urge you to watch.
Hannibal: I am currently watching the first season. I can only watch it one episode a day or two—The characters; Mads Mikkalsen plays Hannibal a brilliant and twisted psychiatrist, and Hugh Dancy plays an unstable and gifted FBI agent—this show scares me, but the it’s sophisticated, clever, and chilling. The writers are amazing and the actors superb.
Dresden Files: This was a show that only had one season. This was based on the Urban Fantasy novels by Jim Butcher; it starred Paul Blackthorne. The show took some creative license, but I enjoyed the characterizations and stories. The main character, Harry Dresden, was the only operating Wizard in Chicago, he wasn’t “alpha” but he was smart and entertaining—and I wanted more.
Vampire Diaries and hence the Originals: It was one season in before I started watching; and I was hooked; Ian Sommerholder plays Damon, and I was sold ( he was the bad brother). This was a show based on the books of the same names. Luckily they went off their own tangent—and I admit; I’ve stopped watching it as much since Julie Plec (writer) stopped writing – but I believe she’s back now. The first three to four seasons were outstanding.
Other series I love but never get to see on time:
Game of Thrones: Based on George R. R. Martin’s fantasy book series; it has everything I love, intrigue, dastardly deeds, dragons, swords, and fantastic plot. If you haven’t seen it – do, but don’t get attached to any characters.
Outlander: Based on the books by Diana Gabaldon, all I have to say is: Jamie and Claire, Scottish highlands, adventure, and timeless love. What more could you want…..
Yeah, I could go on—I usually have to watch them AFTER the season is over because I don’t have time during. So what do you like watching? What inspires you?

Illumination (Book 2 in the Hidden Races Series):

Capricious and free-spirited, Mina Tepes is forever trying to intervene. Some would say she interferes. Her attempt to save a friend worsens a war already waging between her people, the Darks, and their reviled overlords, the Mages. Desperate, she turns to the man who saved her life as child–an enemy Mage named Xander.

As part of the ruling class, Xander Fjordson should never have taken notice of Mina, but even as boy, one look into her large dark eyes and he was lost. As an adult, involvement with her has ripped his world to shreds. Though the war she unintentionally instigated has made them enemies, when she comes to him bleeding and injured, he is unable to say no. He puts at risk what is left of his status and his family as he follows her, knowing in the end he’d have to betray her.

Together Xander and Mina begin to unravel terrible secrets as the war escalates. Soon Xander must choose: save his family or the woman who’s come to mean more to him than his own life


Author Bio: M.V. Freeman lives in North Alabama. A nurse by day, at night she enjoys creating and exploring alternate worlds within our own. She gravitates toward stories of determined heroines and anti-heroes who push the boundaries as they both fight to find their light in the dark.
M.V. is represented by Victoria Lea from The Aponte Literary Agency. Her award-winning and best-selling debut novel INCANDESCENT is the first in the Hidden Races Series. Currently she is working on the third book in the series, while plotting others. When not writing, she can be found reading, cooking, throwing around kettle bells, or making coffee.

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