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Blue Notes is a book of lyrical poems about first loves, first kisses, first relationships and all that go along with it.

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Aspire to Inspire


I have given up making resolutions. They don’t work. Not really. And they are only made at the start of the New Year. Everyone plans on starting fresh, a new beginning for a new year. But why not live your life this way? Why should I wait until January 1st to change my life? I mean does that mean when I give up on my resolution all of my plans for the future fall by the wayside?

Not at all.

Why resolve to do something once a year when you can aspire to greatness every day. Aspire to be a better person, aspire to live your dreams , aspire to inspire others to be the best possible person they can be, So that is my New Year’s Resolution, as it were. I aspire to inspire others to be the best they can be. Aspire to be a kinder, stronger gentler more understanding version of yourself. Aspire to do something new and exciting and original.

Aspire to Dream!

Happy New Year!!!