Vampires Should Never Sparkle


Not that I have anything against Stephanie Meyer or what she created. I have no ill will regarding her story telling or her success. More power to her. I hope her success continues.

All I’m saying is   I have this staunch belief that vampires should never sparkle or glitter or whatever they did in the Twilight series. I, personally did not completely connect with the story. Not just because of the sparkling vampires, dull heroine or the cuddly werewolves, but mostly.   I sat through the first three Twilight films waiting for some tension, something other than look Bella’s in danger or Bella’s special or will Bella chose The Vamp or the Wolf. I was at a loss because the vampires were out during the day and they sparkle.

This kind of threw me off the entire Twilight bandwagon. Not only could I not understand the appeal of Bella Swan as a heroine, but because I cannot imagine such thing as a sparkly vampire family.

Vampires, in my humble opinion, are the epitome of danger. Yes, they are sexy and dark and often mysterious. They should have that edge and make the heroine or hero just a little frightened. They should have distinct personalities and make you wonder that maybe just once, they will get a little carried away and kill you. Accidentally of course, but the threat should be there.

I like that vampires bites are sort of a veiled euphemism for (and often leads to) sex. There is something about a powerful entity that is stronger than any man can be taken don by something as simple as sunlight. There is a reason we are so infatuated by the image of the dark sexy stranger who is so magnetic, so dangerous, and so sexy that he lives in the night. He comes to you and seduces and thrills and offers of life of adventure and in most cases life threatening peril. You must admit, we all have fantasies about the bad boy. Even if we never act on them, we do love them. We love a man who can protect and will kill for those he loves.

I like that tall dark, handsome, overpowering attraction to something that you know is dangerous yet you are compelled to be with him. That is sexy. That is a vampire. Or the Werewolf or the Soldier, the Warrior. That is why we are drawn to stories about these creatures and why we love dark, sexy romance novels. Even those that don’t have supernatural undertones draw the largest audience because of that senses of… imminent danger. And the sex too. I mean the sex isn’t bad. Mostly.

But back to my point, and I do have one.

I mean would Christian Grey be such a sexy, dynamic character if he sparkled? Would we swoon for Eric Northman if he weren’t a devious, double dealing bad boy? Would we care about the Dark Hunters or the Black Dagger Brotherhood if they weren’t such strong, powerful and dangerous men? Would we feel the same about them if they glittered? Or were cuddly and soft? Would we care?

I don’t know. But I do know that ……..Vampires should never sparkle.


But that’s just my opinion.


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