Guest Post from M.V. Freeman, Author of the Newly Released- Incandescent


No one really likes to talk about what they fear. It’s usually one of those unspoken things; because mentioning them, many think, makes one look weak. But we all have it.  Even as I write this  I bet many can feel it prickle deep inside, the nasty panicky feeling when triggered fills one up to the brim, making the heart pound, breathing become rapid and the body and mind starts screaming at you to run and hide.  Imagine if you had  Phobophobia:  Fear of Fear.   (My apologies!)

Many share fears and phobias, one common one is: Arachnephobia/Arachnophobia:   Fear of Spiders.  I admit I have a dislike of them that borders on fear. I do not like the scuttling, spindly legs especially in my home. I am not fond of them much outside. *Shudder* But my feeling is; I don’t mess with them out there, but oh, they are free game inside.

Unfortunately, when your fear is something weird it is sort of hard to explain it such as: Sesquipedalophobia/Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia:  Fear of long words.  (How dreadful! This would be a death knell for me, I love words, long or short.)

Another one is: Oenophobia: Fear of wines.   (I found this unusual; and amusing. I know, it is terrible of me to think so. I can see a catch phrase now: “Fear the Wine”….)

My other favorite weird one:  Anatidaephobia;  The fear somewhere one is being watched by a duck. (I think this one is hysterical, I can’t help it. I first saw this in a Far-Side Cartoon, then found it as a real phobia in the urban dictionary. )

No matter how amusing or strange,  these phobias are very real for some, so even though I make light of it; imagine how hard it is on them and those around them.

I have a fear/phobia I am willing to admit to:  Achluophobia/Myctophobia; Fear of darkness.  I am not fond of it. I don’t have to have ALL the lights on, but I need enough where I can see things. Yeah, I know, it’s childish, but I deal with it. It doesn’t stop me, because I’ve learned to cope, in my own way.

I thought about what my hero and heroine in the book INCANDESCENT; what their phobias would be. Considering their background they probably have more than one (it’s my personal belief we all do) but I decided to choose only one for them.

Mikhail Petrov:    Cleithrophobia;  fear of being trapped (or imprisoned).

This phobia comes from his brutal upbringing and it drives him to free himself.  The difference between him and many is he is willing to face this fear and overcome it.

Laurie Hudson:   Pyrophobia; fear of fire.

Her phobia comes from her affinity to fire, it’s caused damage around her. She doesn’t know how to control this ability with flame, so she fears it and because of this it will cause problems, in the end, like Mikhail, she will have to face it.

Could you? Could you face your fear? What is your fear/phobia?



The first book in the Hidden Races Series

by M.V. Freeman

Available Now:

Author: M.V. Freeman

Title: Incandescent (Hidden Races series, book one)

Genre: Supernatural Romance

ISBN: 978-1-623421-51-9

Release Date: December 9th, 2014

Available in eBook and Paperback

Author Website:

Twitter: @MVFree


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