Preview from my Untitled novel

When she had met him in a boarding school six years ago,Nicolai Skylar Novacheck was an outcast, a scholarship kid surrounded by blue bloods who looked down on him. Everyone except the gorgeous Celeste Keegan Kent.

He watched her now as she breezed through the kitchen looking into cabinets and pantries, her blue eyes narrowed as she took inventory. Even with wet hair and sweats that swallowed her, she had a regal air about her. When he’d first seen her, he’d been smitten. The first time he’d made her laugh, he’d fallen in love. It hadn’t even mattered what she was by the time he’d accidentally seen her feed from her oldest brother’s thick wrist. He had walked into her room, talking while he read a pizza menu, and seen the bulky man siting calmly as Celeste sank her delicate fangs into his wrist .

He’d dropped the menu and stared until Gaston barked for him to close the door. Terrified, he’d obliged but stood pressed against the closed door his eyes as wide as saucers, his jaw slack as Celeste continued to feed.

When she was done, she’d looked brighter, healthier refreshed almost. Gaston shook his head, rising as he looked over Nicky. He was tall over six three, a wall of heaving muscle with eyes that were a mossy green and sharply focused on Nicky who cowered to frightened to run. He did note that Gaston, though large and intimidating, did not have a harsh face. In fact, his face was kind, he had a strong angular face, stern mouth and skin the color of a perfect cappuccino, but that aura of danger radiated from him. Gaston Kent was raw power and menace in a three piece suit.

“We should wipe his memories.” Gaston said. He remembered Celeste looking at him, her eyes neon as she inspected him. He met her gaze, feeling calm and suddenly relaxed. She stood moving closer at lightening speed, her fangs bared as if she were going to attack. He was startled then, he started to laugh, a weird high pitch keening that turning into hysterical giggling. Gaston and Celeste stared at each other.

“This is new.” Gaston said. Nicky slid down the door, his knees drawn up, hands resting easily on their peaks as he chortled and snorted, tears streaming down his face.

“Ok, “ Gaston sighed, kissing her forehead. “I”ll be going now. I believe , you can handle… this .” He pulled the door, shoving Nicky to the side before he squeezed his massive frame through a crack in the door.

“What are you?” He’d finally calmed enough to asked. It had started a long conversation that had lasted until the early morning hours. There had been no secrets between them since. Not even the fact that Nicky was completely in love with her had been held at bay. Even though he knew that it could never be, he still loved her. And in her way, the only way she knew how, she loved him.


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