Preview from my upcoming Novel- DayFall


“Come,” She said, pulling my hood back on, hiding my silver white hair. She gave me a look that was supposed to be stern, but she smiled and playfully flicked my nose.
“Stay covered. The moonlight on your hair is like a beacon to the bèsties. Especially out here where there is no cover. You set the next trap, and then we will return to your Papa and some nice mulled cider.” She smiled and as always, I was struck by Mama’s beauty. I had inherited Papa’s delicate looks, silver white hair, pearlescent white skin that almost glowed in the moonlight and silvery eyes, not Mama’s pale lavender hair, slightly olive skin and sharp blue eyes. Mama and Papa were a striking couple, beautiful people who complimented each other in every way. Mama was bold and strong, a fierce and skilled caçador, a hunter who even in her small stature, commanded attention.
I was following Mama to set our final trap when I heard it, soft and low like a hush over the ground. Something was moving just to the left of us, hidden in the line of trees that separated the valley from the barrens. Mama motioned for me to get down and I immediately dropped down on all fours. I had been trained, as all pups were, that when told to get down to get as low as possible and stay as still as stone. The sound was moving closer and coming from different directions. My heart began to race as I watched Mama, who looked back at me briefly, her large blue eyes slightly worried. She nodded towards the ridge of hills and I began to scurry back towards the path back to our tiny village. I stopped when the heavy black boot settled a breath from my face. I held my breath and tried to keep my body from shaking in terror. I lifted my head slightly to watch the giant move past me. He was cloaked in a dark hood, heavy black gloves, and in his hands he held a long metal spear that had been fashioned with long silver hair, hair of my people. He smelled of leather and death and it took all of my will not to scream and run. Instead I froze, dropping to my belly in the thick high grass, covering my head with the heavy brown fur, blending, and hiding in plain sight. I heard a noise, a howl or hoot, as the bèsties moved in suddenly.
“RUN!!!” Mama screamed and I sprang to my feet towards the path without looking back. Mama would be behind me soon, I thought as I felt my heart hammering in my chest. Mama would be behind me or she had made her way into the barrens. She would make her way beneath the silver moon and she would be safe. She would be safe.
I turned to look over my shoulder and my stomach twisted into a sick knot. Mama was running but four of them were after her, gaining as their giant strides brought them closer. There were two behind me, large and hulking with hoods covering pinkish skin. I looked down at the heavy metal trap I still held by the chain and stopped. I had a weapon. Carefully, I pulled the jaws apart and turned, swinging the high over my head in a wild arch. It hit one in the head and there was a loud crunch as metal hit flesh. Blood sprayed across the ground as he fell, the hood falling from his head, exposing fresh pink skin. As the light from the moon touched him, he screamed and smoke rose from his exposed flesh. The other continued moving forward and I continued to swing the trap, finally letting the heavy chain slip from my fingers.
The trap sailed through the air, hitting him in the chest with enough force to drop him to the ground. The large metal teeth of the spring loaded machine embedded in the tender flesh of his neck and chest. Feeling somewhat proud, I turned to run when I heard the distinctive snap of a trap being triggered. I turned, my stomach knotting even before I saw it, I’d known. I could feel it, like a hand gripping my heart.


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