Welcome Tanisha Jones!

Guested with a New Short Story –

D.B. Sieders

1536650_10202754828329389_2012246884_nI am delighted to welcome Tanisha Jones to my blog! Tanisha is a fellow member of team Aponte Literary, represented by our wonderful agent Victoria Lea. She is the author of darkly divine romance, and I have the great pleasure of sharing an original story from Tanisha today.


            They had been traveling for what felt like months under the unrelenting heat of the sun when they finally reached the metal wall that encircled the Forbidden City.  Their food had been exhausted after the first week, their last rations of water just the day before, so seeing the gleaming metal in the distance had been a wondrous revelation.   Their bodies were so void of water that they no longer had the ability to perspire. Instead, they simply stumbled forward hoping to find relief.   At first, they had believed it to be a mirage, a trick of the mind…

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