The First o Fall Excerpt

Make love to me.” She whispered and he stopped for a moment, his entire body coiled tight. His breathing was strained and labored against her ear.
“Are you sure?” he asked. She had waited so long, the last thing he wanted to do was to rush this, to make her regret trusting him. She was so fragile when it came to sex. She was not accustomed someone pleasing her, and in his current state, he wasn’t sure he would be as gentle as she needed. If he had his way, he would have been her first, her last, her only. He knew that once he made love to Dr. Celeste Keegan Kent, he would never be able to leave her. He touched her cheek, rubbing her kiss swollen berry stained lips with his thumb.
She kicked off her shoes and took a step back, sliding the clingy gold dress off of her shoulders and down her hips until it lay in a gold pool around her feet. She kicked it aside and stood under the sky light, the moonlight playing across her skin. From the glowing caramel skin, blue black hair and vivid turquoise eyes to the full breasts and runners legs, she had the classic hourglass figure and soft curves of a pin-up. She watched as a muscle worked in his jaw, as he took her in, his eyes glowing in the darkness. He wanted to say something, but honestly, his throat had gone dry at the sight of her. She stood waiting, and when she nervously bit her bottom lip he was finally able to breathe again.
“You could have left the shoes on.” He teased, closing the space between them dipping his head to take possession of her mouth.


One thought on “The First o Fall Excerpt

  1. Joe Huxtable says:

    Love the way your characters interact socially real life like, with a sexy twist…


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