The First o Fall Excerpt

Make love to me.” She whispered and he stopped for a moment, his entire body coiled tight. His breathing was strained and labored against her ear.
“Are you sure?” he asked. She had waited so long, the last thing he wanted to do was to rush this, to make her regret trusting him. She was so fragile when it came to sex. She was not accustomed someone pleasing her, and in his current state, he wasn’t sure he would be as gentle as she needed. If he had his way, he would have been her first, her last, her only. He knew that once he made love to Dr. Celeste Keegan Kent, he would never be able to leave her. He touched her cheek, rubbing her kiss swollen berry stained lips with his thumb.
She kicked off her shoes and took a step back, sliding the clingy gold dress off of her shoulders and down her hips until it lay in a gold pool around her feet. She kicked it aside and stood under the sky light, the moonlight playing across her skin. From the glowing caramel skin, blue black hair and vivid turquoise eyes to the full breasts and runners legs, she had the classic hourglass figure and soft curves of a pin-up. She watched as a muscle worked in his jaw, as he took her in, his eyes glowing in the darkness. He wanted to say something, but honestly, his throat had gone dry at the sight of her. She stood waiting, and when she nervously bit her bottom lip he was finally able to breathe again.
“You could have left the shoes on.” He teased, closing the space between them dipping his head to take possession of her mouth.


2nd Excerpt- The First to Fall

He pulled her forward until she was sitting on his lap, and stroked her cheek. “Look at me, Doc.” She slowly lifted her eyes until they met his. “I will never hurt you.”
She gave him a sad smile and cupped his face, brushing his lips gently with hers. The feel of her mouth on his made him hot and he returned the kiss. With a deftness that she didn’t know he possessed, he removed the band from her hair, letting it fall like a silken curtain. His hand moved down to cup her breast and she pressed into him. Slowly, one hand moved up her thigh his tongue playing with hers, she smiled against his lips. He looked at her curiously. “What?” He asked.
“You promised you would keep your hands to yourself. You, Det. Cain are a horrible boy scout.” Sighing dramatically he held his hands up over his head. “You’re right.” He leaned back against the sofa and stared at the ceiling. He was so hard it hurt, but a promise was a promise. When she straddled him, he could feel her heat through her jeans and he groaned. She brushed against him, her thighs tightening around him, her breast crushed against his chest. She linked her fingers with his, bringing his hands down to cup her butt as she writhed against him, her mouth warm and soft on his neck. He swallowed hard and looked at her through narrowed eyes. “What are you doing? Not that I’m complaining.”
“Well,” She said her mouth close to his, “I never promised anything.” She teased before her tongue, slipped into his mouth. She tasted of pizza and beer and a warm sweetness that was all her. She ground her hips into him, her hands under his shirt her nails leaving trails of heat on his bare skin, and he could feel his body tighten and strain against his jeans in response.
“You are making it so hard for me to be good.” He mumbled. She smirked, and then reached under her shirt, fumbling for a minute. He watched as she slipped a pale pink lace bra from one sleeve and tossed it aside. She took one of his hands placing it on her breast; he could feel her hardened nipple through the thin material. She sighed and leaned into his touch, her teeth raking her bottom lip.
“You play dirty.” He mumbled and rolled her onto her side, her back resting on the cool leather of the sofa, his mouth on her throat. He moved down her body, pushing her shirt up exposing the taunt skin of her stomach. Pushing her shirt up, he exposed her breasts, taking on his mouth, sucking and licking until she arched into him, soft sighs of pleasure escaping her with every stroke. His fingers worked on the snap of her jeans, when he’d managed to undo the button, he took his time pulling the zipper down so slowly it was agonizing. Finally his hand moved past the denim and flimsy piece of lace she called panties to cup her, and she pressed into his hand. She was wet and warm and he wanted to sink himself into her. She pulled his face up to hers, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him longer and harder than he had ever been kissed before; she took his breath away, her body molded against his, her long denim clad legs tightening around his hips. She opened her mouth to speak, and his phone buzzed, jumping to life on the coffee table. He glanced at the screen and cursed.
“Shit, Shit.” He sat back on his haunches and answered his breath ragged and shallow. “Somebody better be on fucking fire.” He barked.

Excerpt from- The First to Fall

Her favorite coffee shop, The Monkee Bean, was uptown on Magazine Street. She had to drive past her apartment to get to it, but they had the best lattes and the biggest chocolate chip cookies she’d ever seen. They always calmed her down and helped her focus. She opened the door and smelled the robust aroma of freshly brewed coffee and sweetness of the pastries. As she waited for her turn in line, she felt something strange, electricity in the air and the smell of something familiar as she placed her order. Instinctively, she scanned the room, as the girl behind the counter prepared her order.
He was here.
For a moment she thought she’d imagined him, but there he was sitting near a window, looking delicious in a dark blue t-shirt, a gray hoodie with a spiraling navy design running up one arm and bursting into an eagle across his chest. He wore dark denim jeans that wrapped around his muscular thighs and white sneakers. He was reading the sports section of the paper, sipping a cappuccino. When she received and paid for her coffee and cookie, she walked over, making sure he was alone, before she approached.
“Are you stalking me, Dr. Kent?” He asked as she approached his eyes still on the paper. She took off her hat and tossed it on the table, a sly grin on her lips.
“I’m not interrupting anything am I? I don’t want to impose.” He shook his head, folding the paper and putting it aside.
“Not at all. Please.” He motioned for her to take the seat across from him. She sat and suddenly became nervous.
“So,” She started.  “I guess the whole missing body case has been closed.” She said in a nervous rush.
“Yea, I guess the higher ups thought it would look bad to have the police force lose a body. Either that or some big muckity-muck used his pull to avoid media frenzy. You wouldn’t know about that would you?” He was looking at her so intently, that she found it hard to concentrate on anything other than his steady gaze on her face. He was watching her every move as if he half expected her to disappear in a puff of smoke.
“I’m surprised to see you here. I come here a lot. I would have remembered seeing you.” She offered him a piece of her cookie, he politely declined.
“It’s my first time here.” He admitted. “It’s my day off. Riley and his boyfriend invited a bunch of us over for brunch. I just didn’t feel like heading home yet.”
“Boyfriend?” She raised an eyebrow. It was rare to come across a man like Elijah Cain, handsome, smart, sensitive and obviously enlightened.
“Yea, Adam. He’s a uniformed patrolman. Nice guy makes a terrific Belgium waffle. He’s a step up from some of Riley’s other boyfriends.” She nodded, a slow smile forming on her lips, and looked down at her cookie
“I’m not gay.” He said before the question arose.
“Oh, I know. There was never a question.” She briefly met his gaze, her cheeks flushed hotly. His phone buzzed to life on the table. He looked at it and rolled his eyes, but didn’t answer.
“Problem?” She asked, taking a sip of her drink, her eyes on him.
“Just someone I would rather not talk to right now.” He sighed
“Ahh, Ms. Deadwood, I presume.” She deduced and he chuckled.
“Yes. She’s been calling me non-stop. I tried to let her down easy, but she’s persistent and doesn’t seem to understand subtlety.”
“She understands. You’re just a hard man to forget.” She met his eyes, he paused, his cup half way to his lips. Silently, he placed the cup back on the table, his eyes smoldered and she could feel the room warm as the electricity in air rose. The lights dimmed slightly and flickered. The other patrons glanced up a few groaned but no one paid a great deal of attention to the change.
“Really?” He asked a twinkle in his eyes. In this light, they seemed more of an aquamarine than turquoise. He leaned back in his seat, openly observing her. She waved a hand at him.
“Please,” She snorted, trying to rein in the growing warmth of her body. “You know you’re gorgeous.” She said her voice low. “Just look around the room. The women are eating you up.” He glanced around the room and found that a few women and a couple of men were openly ogling him. Embarrassed, he shook it off.
“Once Ms. Deadwood got a taste, albeit a tiny taste, she realized that you are something special.”
“What about you?” He had absently reached for her hand; his thumb stroking the delicate skin of her inner wrist, and her mouth went dry. His voice deepened and he leaned closer, his eyes darkening to a deep shade of navy.
“Would you like a taste?”
Her cheeks grew hot and she crossed her ankles squeezing her thighs closed as a new heat began to grow. He gave her a wicked smile and in one swift movement, he pulled her chair closer until her thighs were trapped between his legs, holding her still just in case she’d planned on running again. His smile widened and those dimples made an appearance. Damn those dimples.
“Are you flirting with me, Detective?” She finally managed once she found her voice. She’d meant for it to sound light and fun, instead it came out low and throaty. She couldn’t help but focus on his lips; they were full and soft, tilted up in the most delicious smile. She wanted to nip his bottom lip with her teeth.
“Well, I’m trying my damnedest.” Her stomach fluttered at his intimate tone. “How am I doing?”